​The Elephant in the Room

I’m a fan of John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers. I find their content fearless, fruitful and quite forward. Perhaps with a little dosage of mouthwash they’d appeal to a wider Kenyan audience. Beyond humour, they find a way to confront the issues head on. From infrastructural failures, financial mishaps, government flaws … Continue reading ​The Elephant in the Room

First Trip in Africa

Here goes...Africa is a continent I know! But then it was my first trip out of Kenya as a tourist; and it did feel like I was going to Africa and not to Tanzania. If you read a lot of travel bloggers, am afraid mine will stand out the least for two reasons. Firstly, I wish not … Continue reading First Trip in Africa

On Writing About Writing (&Writers)

The beauty of writing is in its art, the penning down of a single idea in an article in order to mould it in various forms like wet clay. However, this format of art can't and shouldn't be abstract, else you risk losing your readers in the nebulous and ambiguous. The abstract form of writing … Continue reading On Writing About Writing (&Writers)

40 Days In The Wilderness 

3 days to my birthday... Dear customer, "It's Christmas, send over the payrolls early!" says the boss. Shop and win this Christmas. Simply spend KES 5000 in any of our outlets... How did they know that I'd get my pay so early? Do the walls really have ears? 4 days to Christmas, my empty bank account … Continue reading 40 Days In The Wilderness 


WhatsApp groups are the norm; from raising funds for a deceased friend to planning everything that revolves around a family – bridal shower, wedding, house warming, baby shower, surprise anniversary and maybe that neighbourhood watch committee. Whatever the name of the group, anyone under the age of 35 is 99.9% likely to be in a … Continue reading OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND, OUT OF MEANS

The G-Factor

​For a first article on a professional platform where I am connected to current, former and potential colleagues, supervisors and bosses alike, I much debated on whether to be confrontational or passive. As such I saw it befitting to place it here. Lest I be mistaken to be whining, as many women are thought to … Continue reading The G-Factor


I fear writing much more than I am drawn by it. The structure right at my fingertips but the art slips right through like a glass of water straight from a soapy solution. The ideas flow before I pen them but when I get to it, the first sentence is changed 10 times before I … Continue reading WRITERS KEEP OFF